Learning/Training Philosophy


Bringing awareness to the details that lie within a specific technique is critical to learning. Heightened awareness and the teaching of details allows the player to have a deeper understanding of "how and why" what is being taught or expected of them to do. Secondarily it gives the players the tools to be able "self diagnose" their technique and subsequently make positive changes even if we are not in the same location.

I believe that training, for all sports should not simply focus on just the sport specific technique required to play that given sport. The training should focus on the "whole" person. There are many variables that contribute to the athletic performance of a young person. This includes but not limited too:

  • Mental & emotional state of player (i.e.: confidence, stress)
  • Balanced support from family (not too much and not too little)
  • Nutrition
  • Gross & fine motor skills
  • Learning abilities and capacities (i.e. learning disability or comprehension difficulties),
  • Visual deficits
  • Game/Training Management of Emotions (ability or inability to manage mistakes & unmet expectations of self and others)

 Whole Person 

The following list are training methods or principles that I build into sessions. The athletes age, development, interest and needs ultimately dictate which programs are implemented. 

These training methods are in addition to the Soccer Specific Technical Training.

  • Self Awareness 
    • Ability to be an effective/supportive teammate without allowing personal agenda or ego impact team dynamics
  • Nutritional Guidelines 
    • Teaching the player sustainable nutritional practices that optimize lifelong health and subsequent enhanced performance
  • Recovery Strategies
    • Rest
    • Hydration
    • Nutrition
    • Yoga
  • Emotional/Psychological Support 
    • Mindfulness/Meditation & Mindset training(educate athlete to the benefits)
  • Balance/Stability Training

    Elite Athlete Program Training Methods

    • Vision Training (enhance functional vision specific to soccer)
    • Reaction Training (Mental Processing Accuracy & Speed)
    • Timing (syncing brain to body)

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