Elite Player Development

*Currently there is 1 spot available 2-16/20*

I have taken all that I have learned in my 25+ years of coaching as well as my experiences as an athlete and created a personal development program for young elite or elite "minded" players. The intention of this program is to mimic as close as possible the training environment that players would receive if in a residential academy setting.

The format for this type of programming requires a high level of commitment by the player and family. Historically, this program, done at its highest level is a 5-6 day a week, 300 days per year commitment. This is not necessarily "training" 5-6 days per week, a vast majority of the program is committed to rest/recovery strategies and "personal work when no one is watching".

This program has been designed to accommodate 5 players at any given time. The purpose of limited access is to maximize the amount of time and resources I can provide to the player during any given week or month. Traditionally players that take part in this program work directly with me a minimum of 2 days per week and some up to 5 days per week. 

Due to the complexity and comprehensive nature of this program it requires me and the athlete to interface on a regular basis in order to maximize and enhance the benefits or the programming.  Below I have listed what is included in this program:

Comprehensive "Whole Athlete" Evaluation and Program

-Current Self Care Habits

-Sleep, Nutrition, Recovery Strategies

-Existing Family, School, Sport and Social Schedule *used to determine whether the program can be implemented in a healthy and intentional way*

-Short and Long Term Intentions (personal goals) *set by player

-Outline of Strengths and Weaknesses (person, soccer player and athlete) *Set by player, club coach and parents

-Player/Athlete Evaluation *various exercises that demonstrate athletic and soccer abilities, strengths and weaknesses

-Mental processing 

-Accuracy in all visual Fields

-Comprehension, Accuracy & speed to react to visual & auditory /verbal stimulus

-Overall body Balance and Stability with a focus on lower leg

-Range of motion or flexibility of feet, ankles, legs, hips, upper body

-Explosiveness (jumping, quick start)

-Body Awareness, posture & Control on the ground in motion and in the air

-Speed and accuracy of feet/footwork

-Ability to change directions in 360 degrees, decelerate safely

-Overall body strength

-Personal mastery or touch with the soccer ball on all surfaces

-Receiving the ball (foot/body shape, balance, posture, vision, quality/softness/sound of touch and accuracy of ball placement)

-Passing (foot/body shape, balance, posture, ball contact and accuracy)

-Ball Striking (lofted & driven services, flat or shaped shots)

-Field awareness and vision (speed of play)

-Ability to maintain focus and positive mindset when in settings that take them out of their comfort zone

*The Evaluation results would then be compiled alongside with information gathered from the player, parent and coach and then program would then be created. The resulting program would rank by priority the elements of the players game that needed to be focused on the most and that would yield tangible results the quickest, which in turn positively impacts the players confidence which I have found to be the single biggest takeaway from the program. Historically the primary focus of the program would include 1-2 elements to focus on in a given period of time.

Player Evaluation + Program + Ongoing Oversight & 2 Private face to face Sessions per week -  $500 (monthly)

* amount of sessions per week are based upon player/family schedules as well as availability of slots between players participating in Option 3 Programming. By participating in this program, these players get priority in scheduling over players that are participating in 1 on 1 private training.

Contact Information . Anthony Brenner . 2 Lawterdale Circle Asheville, North Carolina 28804 . 828.707.1225 . anthonybrenner13@gmail.com