"Train with Intention"


My Training Intention: To provide the young person with a microscopic level of detail and understanding of a specific technique being taught that when they have completed the training and they are on their own they would have developed the confidence and in such depth of knowledge that they can self diagnose an issue, know what they are doing wrong and then make adjustments to fix the issue.

Private Training (Field Player's Only)

The first thing that I always ask of the player and or family prior to our first session is for them to share the purpose and intention of seeking private training and a list of strengths and weaknesses. Once I have received this information then I conduct an in depth, on the field formal evaluation. The purpose of the evaluation is to develop a short list of prioritized techniques that I believe would yield the most observable results in the eyes of the player. This way of thinking is based purely on the following question, "what can we do that will most postively impact the players confidence in the shortest period of time?" Once I have completed the evaluation then I will create the training format and begin our sessions. We will then begin training the techniques on priority list and will not move on to the next technique until we feel confident that the player has exceeded an age appropriate level. 

 These sessions take place at SGRO Soccer Complex on Sweeten Creek (Carolina Day School Soccer Fields). Ages for private training 7 yrs +


$50.00 per hour, purchased in bundles of 10 (accommodations can be made to bundles in limited cases)

Contact Information . Anthony Brenner . 2 Lawterdale Circle Asheville, North Carolina 28804 . 828.707.1225 . anthonybrenner13@gmail.com